Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Fabric Softener Sheets for die cutting

Does your die look like this when you cut something out? You spend the next few minutes poking out those little intricate cuts in your dies.  Want to save time as well as it provides a little better embossing look!!!
Using the cheapest fabric softener sheets and make sure it is as free of dyes and perfumes due to getting that sticky stuff on the paper and making it gooey, you get a die and cut that almost doesn't need any poking out.  It not only saves time but it is a great way to get all of the embossing out of your die.  I use each sheet about 4 or 5 times before it is no longer good.  Again, buy the cheapest fabric softener sheets without any of the dyes and perfumes.

This is a Cherry Lynn Design border and before, I had to spend a little time poking out all of the paper out of the die or the cut out.  The company says that I only have to tap the die and these little cuts come out, but never happened to my friends or me when we tried tapping it on a garbage can.

Place your die with the paper and then lay the fabric softener sheet down on the paper and then lay the cutting pad down and run your machine.  This is what it should look like with the fabric softener behind the paper.  This die needed the fabric softener behind the paper since it wasn't cutting out well.

Once I peeled off the die cut, this is what remains on the fabric softener.  Nothing in the die nor the cut.
Here is another example of an intricate die that was already cut out. 

Note:  The die cut is on the fabric softener sheet and nothing to poke out of the die.  

Now look at the fabric softener sheet after I pulled the die cut out of the fabric softener sheet.  Nothing was on the die or on the die cut and everything is on the fabric softener sheet.

This doesn't work with all dies, cuts or paper but when it does work, it saves time and note that it also adds more of the embossing from the die to the paper than just cutting it out with only the cutting pads.

All of my friends now use this technique
and we have been using it now for over a year with great results most of the time. 

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