Saturday, June 13, 2020

Lawn Fawn Magic Iris Tutorial Final

Welcome back and hope you are having a wonderful weekend.  Nancy, here, and I created my own tutorial for you to print out and follow if you are doing the Lawn Fawn Magic Iris for the first time.  The Rubber Buggy has all of the supplies and products you will need for crafting this card. 

 I would highly recommend you to view the Lawn Fawn tutorial, click here, as well.  I still had problems with assembling the Magic Iris after watching the Lawn Fawn tutorial so I thought I would do a written tutorial for you with lots of photographics and also go over some of the tips and technique that helped me since I had a few throw-aways and this can become very frustrating when the Magic Iris can't open up after hard work assembling all three layers.  
There will be three layers to the Magic Iris and I will highly recommend that you have fairly new Mini Dots that aren't slightly dried out or fast adhesive tacky glue for adhering the green tabs only on the PLUS SIGN that is included in the die cut and possibly two-sided tape for the brown tabs.
magic iris
Lawn Fawn Magic Iris Die Set
Lawn Fawn A Bug Deal Clear Stamp
Lawn Fawn A Bug Deal Stamp

Lawn Fawn Magic Iris Circle Scalloped Add-On

Since I had the Lawn Fawn Scallop Circles die set, I used it for this card.

Additional supplies:  Beacon 3-in-1 Advanced Glue, Lawn Fawn Grassy Border Die, 1/2" Wide Scor-Tape, Mini Glue Dots, Scrapbook Adhesive ED Foam 

Step #1:  Cut out 3 circles, 3 green tabs, 3 brown tabs, 1 orange tab and 1 red tab.  NOTE:  I have colored each section a different color to make it easier for you to follow the steps. Unfortunately, I have added other photos of my other Magic Iris since the photos came out clearer.   Normally, I would have cut all the die cuts in white 80lb cardstock but used different colored circles for better guiding you through this assembly.  I numbered each circle for each layer.

Stamping the tab tip:  Easier to take the  the green tabs and then put each tab into the cardstock and then into a stamp tool and stamp the leafs.
Step #2:  Take this die and align along the center of the circle and die cut.  

 Sample on the right of after the circle has been die cut with this die.

 Step #3:  Take each green die cut and insert in each tab but DO NOT Glue yet.

 Step #4:  Each green die cut has a plus that has been cut through each of the green cardstock.  Add small glue dots of just a small (tiny) drop of glue on each plus mark.  (NOTE:  Since I haven't used my glue dots for years, the dots were dried out and didn't adhere well.  Therefore, had to purchase new ones.  Sometimes glue works as well but only a dot). Might have to align the green tabs again perfectly on the inside and outside of the circle with your fingers since these tabs move around by holding them.
 Step #5:  Take the #2 Orange circle, align on top of the green tabs and press down which will adhere the two layers together.

 Step #6:  Turn over the circle over and use two-side adhesive tape on each die cutted stitched rectangle that was on the circle.  (See photo above for arrow where stitched rectangle).
Step #7:  Adhere the three brown tabs and bend over to the front of the orange circle.

Step #8:  Note the above and below photo. Using a different sample:  Adhere the printed tab with the arrow on the pink tab and then adhere this pink tab on the right side of the brown tabs that will be on the right side of the card.
Step #9:  Lay the white or blue circle on top of the orange circle.  Take each brown tab and adhere to the top the blue or white circle.  NOTE:  Make sure to not get glue or tape stuck on the inside of the layers as well as don't get the tabs wrapped tightly on the next circle.  

Step #10:  Now you should be able to move the orange tab with the arrow back and forth for the Magic Iris to open and close.  Again:  I ended up with dried up Mini Dots and used a slight amount of glue.  Let dry before trying to open the Magic Iris.  Also, don't stamp next to the Plus Sign for the glue since glue and especially the Mini Dots will not adhere and pop right off when opening the Magic Iris.  Note Blue Example when closed with the arrow next to the tab.

Step #11. You can stamp the image of the circle cut out of the Magic Iris and adhere in the center of the Magic Iris on the frame.  I did it different on my second card and traced the center of the Magic Iris on the frame of my card, stamped my sentiment and then glued the Magic Iris on top of the sentiment.  Optional:  I used foam adhesive tape to adhere the Magic Iris on the frame after gluing the Magic Iris Scalloped Circle on the Magic Iris.

I had so much fun making these cards and hope you will too.  So have fun crafting this weekend with these products.   My cards and projects are always posted on Saturday.  Keep watching and thank you so much for those wonderful comments as well as suggestions. 

Enjoy and Happy Crafting!

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Starleen said...

Hi, Nancy! Thank you for this tutorial, I find it very usuful every time I make a Magic Iris card :) It is much easier and quicker to read the steps instead of watching a video once again. Happy crafting!