Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Tutorial on Easel Card with Drawer

Hi, Nancy Hill and excited to share my tutorial on how I make my fun Easel Cards with Drawers.  I used other tutorials but modified the measurements and instructions to work for me.

I put photos, chocolates and other gifts inside the drawers besides an additional stamped sentiment.  

I really love Heartfelt Creation coordinating papers, dies and stamps.  I used the Heartfelt Creations Classic Sunflower paper, dies and stamps for this card above and stamped a sentiment on the bottom of the drawer besides the Happy Birthday sentiment on top.  

I wrote my instructions in addition to the photos to make it more helpful.  Once you have made one of these cards/drawers, it will be easier and much more fun to make the others easel cards with drawers.  


Top and Bottom For Drawer

I highly recommend heavy card stock and if the pattern paper isn't heavy, just use heavy card stock for the frame and glue the pattern paper on it.  

This is the bottom for drawer.  Cut a 7 3/8" x 8 1/2 using heavy cardstock.  Score 1 1/4" on the three sides with one of the long sides not scored.  Fold the score lines.   As shown on the photo below, cut along the score line of the corners.  You will add double-sided self adhesive tape and tape the tabs to this box (see photo below).  I like using 1" Scor-Tape which is very adhesives and wonderful for heavy cardstock.  See below.  

Cut the top for drawer at 7 5/16" x 8 7/16" and score 1 1/4" on the three sides with one of the long sides not scored.  Follow the same instruction above for the drawer.  Afterwards, add double-sided self adhesive tape on the outside of this drawer on three sides and adhere to the bottom drawer.

This is the drawer that will pull out.  Using heavy weight cardstock, cut 8 1/8" x 8 1/8" and score 1 1/8" on all four sides and fold.  Cut the top and bottom of each fold like in the corners as shown above.  Using double-sided self adhesive tape, tape the box.    

Easel Card to Attach to Drawer

Make sure to use heavy cardstock or one solid cardstock and at patterned paper adhere to the cardstock.  I found that if you don't do this and add flowers, the easel part of the card will droop due to the weight.  

Cut a 6" x 12" cardstock and score at 3" and 6" and fold the score lines.  This is what it may look like gluing or using 1" double-sided adhesive tape of the easel card to the drawer. 

I liked adding my flowers and finishing the easel card  before adhering this to the drawer.  Cut a 6" x 6" square and add your flower, etc. and adhere from the 3" fold to the bottom.  

Cut another 6" x 6" square for the inside of the easel card and adhere. Add your sentiment on a decorative frame and use 3D foam tape or dots to give the height that the part of the easel card with slide on when the easel card is opened.  
Options are to add embellishments or a bow as a handle to pull out the drawer. I have even used a circle punch and cut out a half circle to the drawer for fingers to pull the drawer out.  (See photo below for drawer). 

Other option is to add additional stamped sentiment on the inside of the drawer.  (See Photo Below)

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial and had fun making an easel card with a drawer.  If any questions or you want to share a photo of your easel card with me, please don't hesitate to e-mail me at  

Happy Crafting 


Elizabeth said...

Nancy, just saw this. I have to try this. Thank you.

Unknown said...

I am going to try this right now. Hope it works out for me. I have tried quite a few but I always end u with the box being too small for the drawer or vice versa.