Thursday, February 15, 2018

Easter Egg Tutorial

I love making boxes and adding gorgeous patterned paper, embellishments and handmade flowers.  I add jewelry, chocolates and other gifts inside each box.  I couldn't find a tutorial on how to make an Easter Egg box so I made one for you and tried to simplify the steps plus add as many pictures for examples and help explain the written instructions.  
I have two Easter Egg boxes.  The top Easter Egg measures 7" high and the egg below measures 6" in height.  
Wild Rose Studio Easter Bunny and Heartfelt Creations Classic Rose flower handmade with foamiran

Supplies for Basic Egg Shaped Box:
Heavy white cardstock around 110 lbs weight cardstock for the box frame. Tape, Hot glue gun and glue, Egg Template shown on Instruction, egg shape die sets or trace another, egg box

Optional After Frame is Made for Decorating Egg Shaped Box:  
I found many egg templates free on the web to copy.  If you want to use my template, copy this template by using your right mouse button and select copy.  Go to your photo editing or Microsoft Word and select Paste.  I used the height as 7" for the first Easter Egg and 6" for the height for the Easter Egg with the bunny.  You will cut out two cardstocks shaped as eggs using heavy weight cardstock.  
Also, you can trace another Easter egg box that you saved from last year and cut it out.  There are a couple die companies that make egg shaped die sets for cutting out with cardstock but I found these die sets too small for my boxes.

Top of Easter Egg Box:  I found it difficult to try to glue the 1" wide strips around the edge of the egg.  Therefore, I used strips of tape behind one egg before adding the strip.  Don't worry about the tape buckling since it will be covered up with patterned paper in the final steps.

 I cut out two strips of the heavy weight cardstock measuring 1" x 11 and will cut off any excess after going around the egg. I used my fingers to bend the 1" wide strips before placing the strip around the outside edge of the egg.
I start with placing the end of the strip on the outside edge of the egg and then attach the tape to the strip about every 2 inches as I go around the egg with the strip (see photo below).  Don't worry about the tape buckling since it will be covered up again with another piece of cardstock that will go around the edge again.
After running out of first strip to finish going around the egg , I attach the second strip with additional tape to the end of the first strip and continue going around the egg.  I cut off any excess strip tand use tape to attach it to the end of the other strip.  Use a hot glue gun and apply the hot glue along the strip on the inside of the egg.
Bottom of the Easter Egg Box:   You can draw a line about 1/4" around the egg to use as a guideline to glue the strips on the bottom.  More complicated, I used the same template in Microsoft Word or Adobe Photoshop and sized the egg 1/4" smaller.  I cut it out and centered it the egg  that will face the bottom of the box.   I traced around this smaller egg.  I will follow this line and glue the strip to the egg. 
 Cut out two strips measuring 3/4" wide and 11" long.  I aligned the strip along the black line on the inside of the bottom egg and applied hot glue (optional or regular fast grab adhesive glue).  I ended up cutting some of the second strip off that wasn't needed after going around the egg.
Images of inside of the bottom and top.  

Top of Box:  Adding the patterned paper and embellishments
Before adding the strip around the edge, trace the egg behind the patterned paper and cut it out.  In the past, I used a template to trace on the patterned paper and after cutting it out, the patterned paper egg  was small enough that it didn't fit. 
First, cut out two strips of patterned or plain cardstock measuring 1" x 11".  I used a hot glue gun but if you have glue that will adhere the cardstock to the tape, I would use that instead of a hot glue because the hot glue dries too quickly.   When using the hot glue gun, just apply about 1" inch of glue at a time and then stick the strip to it 

Second:  Optional, I used a ribbon around the top of the box before gluing my patterned paper with a hot glue gun.
The patterned paper from the Heartfelt Creations Flowering Dogwood and cut out the Dogwood tree from the same paper collection.
I stamped the crosses and sentiment using the Heartfelt Creations Dogwood Chapel stamp set with Memento Tuxedo Black ink and colored it with PanPastels and Copic markers.  I cut out 10 Dogwood flowers from the Heartfelt Creations Flowering Dogwood flowers set with foamiran foam.  I put each flower on an iron for five seconds and shaped each petal with a flower shaping tool.   I used a light green PanPastel powder on the tips of each petal and glued the stamens in the center of each flower that were cut out from the Dogwood Flowering die set with light green cardstock.  I stamped and die cut  the bird using the Heartfelt Creations Flowering Dogwood and Dove stamp and die set and adhere it to the paper.  I used light green cardstock for the Dogwood leaves that were cut out from the same die set.  I used a flower shaping tool on the leaves and colored each leaf with PanPastels before gluing the leaves behind the flowers.   

 So I hope I have inspired you to make an Easter Egg Box.  You can purchase these dies and supplies from The Rubber Buggy on-line store.
Enjoy and Happy Crafting!

Nancy Hill
The Rubber Buggy Design Team

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